Save My House – What Do You Do If You Can’t Afford A Loan Modification Specialist?

I hear a lot of people say “I’d really like to save my house” but it’s just not going to happen. These are good folk who have invested their lives in their homes. They didn’t buy it as a speculation to make money, they bought it because it was their dream. This is the home they wanted and never thought they could have. This is the home they thought they would raise their family in. This is the house they thought they would grow old together in. If it hadn’t been for the recession, most of them never planned to leave. What happened?

There are a lot of good folk out there that could care less if they owe more for the home than it’s currently worth. Most people don’t buy a home for its investment value, they bought it because they wanted it. The recession may have stunted their plans. They may have lost an income stream or not gotten promotions they were promised. Had everything remained the same, they could and would still be making the payments on time.

If you are in this situation, you already qualify for a home loan modification.

The key here was something changed that affected your ability to make the payments. Your first step is to write the story. Start with this is where you were financially when you bought the home. Explain why you assumed you would be able to meet the payment schedule. Then explain what changed to make the home unaffordable. Did your spouse get laid off? Did you know the payments were going to go up? Did your hours get cut back at work? Use anything you can think of and verify it with paystubs, W-2′s, P&L statements if you are self-employed, etc. What you have just done is to write a hardship letter.

You are well on your way to saving your home.

My advice would be to get someone familiar with home loans and specifically home loan modifications to help you. Bankers do have a type of code-speak all their own. It is paramount that you or the person you choose to represent you knows the lingo and the rules. You are trying to save an asset that is valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. If it was in cash, I’m sure you would trust it to an uneducated person to invest for you, why would you trust your home to someone who doesn’t know what they are doing (you)?

Unfortunately good loan modification specialist don’t work free. You probably wouldn’t want to use someone who works for free anyway would you? What’s in it for them if you get approved? Nothing. So why would they work hard for you?

On the other hand, many people are in so deep they can’t afford a specialist. If you are in this category, at least invest in a course to teach you the basics. You want to arm yourself as well as possible if you are going into battle.

Finance in Guernsey: The Top Investment Firms on the Island

Guernsey, one of the islands in the English Channel, is a well-respected international finance hub. Many international banks, such as those with head offices in locations such as the United States and Europe, have opened branches on the island with much success. The banks in Guernsey provide a wide range of services to both locals and tourists, including specialist lending, wealth management and savings. These establishments also service many other companies that fall under the umbrella of finance in Guernsey, such as those that specialize in insurance, trust and investing. If you’re looking for help managing your investments, or you’re looking to begin investing in Guernsey, these are the top investment firms on the island.

Nova Investment Management Limited

Nova Investment Management Limited, located in St. Martin, is an investment company that is both regulated and licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Guernsey. Nova Investment offers individualized investment services to a wide range of clients, including those situated internationally. An independent company, Nova Investment focuses on using their knowledge of investment strategies and styles, and assets, to generate positive outcomes for clients. These positive outcomes include both preserving and gaining wealth, regardless of whether the current market conditions are favourable. This Guernsey company also offers discretionary management services, including providing tailored portfolio investments, and portfolio evaluations, to ensure that current investment portfolios continue to meet the needs of the client.

Cenkos Stockbrokers and Investment Managers

Cenkos Stockbrokers and Investment Managers is a financial company in Guernsey with a broad scope. In addition to stockbroking services, such as trading accounts and market making, Cenkos provides islanders with a broad scope of investment management services. The company’s investment management sector offers investing through many different types of products and portfolios, and strives to help their clients invest in asset classes that will provide long term results. Their services include income and diversity funds, global equity funds, Bailiwick investments and CI property funds. Located in St. Peter Port, and with a location on the island of Jersey as well, Cenkos Stockbrokers and Investment Managers also runs two Channel Islands funds with a specialist focus.

Brewin Dolphin

Brewin Dolphin, an independent, investment management company for private clients, is one of the top investment firms in the United Kingdom. Their Guernsey office, located on Lefebvre Street in St. Peter Port, was established in 1997 and is widely popular on the island. Brewin Dolphin’s Guernsey location services private clients and intermediaries, as well as international and local financial establishments. Their range of services include dealing accounts, advisory dealing and both advisory and discretionary investment management. Licensed to provide investment business by Financial Services Commission in Guernsey, Brewin Dolphin has won many awards, including “Best Wealth Manager for Alternative Investments” and the Citywire “Large Firm Award.”

If you are in need of investment management services, there are many options available in Guernsey. The island’s stable banking sector and diversity of companies is key to the great reputation of finance in Guernsey, and their services are some of the best available. If you are interested in investing in Guernsey, or if you are looking to switch investment providers, Nova Investment, Brewin Dolphin and Cenkos Stockbrokers and Managers get the job done professionally and properly.

Beware of Investment Opportunities Promoted by Social Media

Almost any business these days has a Facebook or a Twitter account, and the public is accustomed to accessing information just about anyone or anything, including businesses, through their social media accounts. But with the advantages of social media also come disadvantages –this is particularly true in the case of making investment decisions.

In a recent Reuters interview, the FBI expressed its concern with fraudulent stockbroker’s use of social media to attract potential investment victims. Like a business or person tweets or gives status updates, it provides the platform for fraudulent stockbrokers to taut the high earnings and low risk of their investment opportunities. While these tweets or updates can be completely false, the savvy way that the stockbrokers use social media helps provide an official front to the investment scam. And the constant reminders of how good an investment opportunity is and how much other people “like” it (including other involved in the scam who leave false positive feedback about the scam) can eventually mount the pressure on a potential investor to take the plunge.

Investors should be wary of following investment trends on Facebook and Twitter, especially if the one tweeting is an investment professional. Integrity Research Associates reports that half of surveyed investment advisement firms who are registered with the SEC have established written policies that forbid their advisors from using social media for business purposes. While other firms have increased their use of social media, investors should still not make investment decisions based on information gathered from it.

The high pressure, immediate need to invest created by social media is usually bad news for investors, and can be a sign of potential investment fraud. Investors should always take their time when deciding how to invest their money.

There are several overall tips to safe investing when it comes to social media:

• Don’t fall for hype. Just because an investment is widely talked about or liked doesn’t mean it’s a good investment for you. The hype surrounding an investment might also make you feel pressured to invest quickly, but the life of your investment will outlast how popular it is one day on twitter. Take your time deciding on how to invest your money.

• Don’t be wooed by an online investment advisor. Even the most simply investments take some time for potential investors to understand and for advisors to explain. This explanation is best done in person, so that you can review terms together and ask questions. Questions the advisor can’t help you with should be reviewed with your lawyer or other investment professional.

• Know that online credentials can be faked. While an investment professional may have an active and legitimate looking firm online, the reality may be much different. The best way to know if your investment advisor is a good fit for you is to check their professional credentials. You can do this on FINRA’s BrokerCheck, available for free on their website. BrokerCheck will let you know if and how your advisor is accredited, and if they are in good standing with regulatory boards.

While investments touted on social media may seem like good options for your investment portfolio, investments should always be carefully researched to ensure you don’t give over your hard-earned money to an investment scam.

Invest Safely Like an Investment Advisor

An investment advisor looks for a safe investment for his clients because that is his (or hers’) fiduciary responsibility. The same should be true for all of us, all independent investors. But safe investing doesn’t have to mean you can’t go after big gains. It just means follow prudent policies, safe investing principles.

Many investment advisors are affiliated with national companies and locked into those national company’s investment software and frequently the recommendations and trading limitations placed by the national companies.

An independent investment advisor can use or supplement his approach to finding the best investments for his clients by using independent or third-party investment software.

What are some of the things to look for?

  • Ability to construct a conservative investment strategy
  • Ability to construct a moderate investment strategy
  • Ability to even develop aggressive investment strategies
  • Different ways to analyze the stock market
  • Ability to manage your retirement account

The key to safe profitable investing for both investment advisors and private investors revolves around being able to create strategies using proven means of analysis that also answers the question of “how to diversify my investments”.

Independent third-party software enables an investment advisor or anyone to develop unique trading strategies for each client with features like:

  • Relative strength momentum
  • Alpha analysis
  • Return analysis
  • Moving average charts
  • Equity curve indicators
  • Variable sell signals
  • Market exit – entrance signals

How each of the analysis methods and other aspects of the strategy are defined can define the strategy to meet the particular goals of a client whether it be conservative, moderate or aggressive.

The setup of a strategy can also be used to control the number of trades made for a client while also protecting him from market crashes or even market turbulence.

For example, a strategy based on an alpha analysis with a period of 90 trading days will results in substantially fewer trades than one based on 10 trading days. Yet, if an equity curve is incorporated as part of the strategy the client’s portfolio can still be protected from a declining market by issuing a Market Exit signal.

If the strategy is further augmented with charts, such as moving average and/or a full stochastic than any signals for both the viability of the strategy and the recommendations to purchase any particular ETF, fund or stock can be easily verified.

In other words, investment advisor software or personal investment software can enable anyone to meet their goals while providing flexibility and conserving time. The same approach can be followed by any private investor with their retirement software or personal investment software.

Best Offshore and Marine Investment Information

Offshore & marine investment strategies are popular for many reasons. This investment involves spending money in another country other than the investor’s country of residence. Factors that may influence a person to engage in the assets include knowledge, risk tolerance and maturity.

Before investing in any offshore opportunity, it is important to be adequately informed about this kind of investments. Both corporate and private individuals engage in overseas private stakes. Depending on where and what you want to invest you may need to meet requirements set, which can vary from one country to another.

It is easier to make decisions regarding offshore & marine transactions when armed with vital information. You can make informed decisions on where and what to invest by calculating risks involved in the various offshore investments. Being informed not only helps in identifying the risks involved in investing but also can help in accumulating wealth quickly.


Before even deciding to invest in any kinds of investment vehicles, you need to understand the available investment types. Moreover, you need to know how involved you are going to be with the investment. When looking for a location to invest, you may want to consider economic and political stability, professional support services and communications network among other factors.

a. banking

You can have your money in a secure location in another country. It can be easier for you to control your money in diversified currencies across various countries.

b. Funds

These can include mutual funds, income funds, growth funds and hedge funds among others.

c. Real estate

You can generate attractive ROI on investing in offshore real estate. The alluring investment is very lucrative and can offer significant benefits.

d. stocks

You can invest in various international stocks to increase your investment portfolio.

e. Offshore investment bonds

Offshore bonds can include investments in many vehicles such as stocks and shares.

f. Offshore unit trusts

You can open a fund consisting of assets to benefit persons or a person.


Firms that offer the opportunities avail confidentiality and privacy to their clients. These factors ensure discretion to anyone with a sound net worth. Asset protection can include shielding an investor from liabilities experienced at home such as obligations and debt.

Another reason to engage in marine venture is the greater freedom of choice. You can decide to invest in as many opportunities as possible offered in different countries. With this in mind, you are able to diversify your portfolio and minimize the risk of losing all your investment at a go. Moreover, you can benefit from tax benefits and greater ROI.

Lower levels of regulations in offshore & marine interests are attractive to most investors. The low regulatory investment environment can ensure an investor thrives in numerous investment opportunities. Moreover, offshore investments involve receiving specialty services. Leading firms that offer such investments have adequate expertise in legal services, banking, funds and asset management.